Le Delarge :
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The fruit of many years of passionate work, Le Delarge, entails...

  • more than 28 000 artists from all over the world : painters, sculptors, authors of comics, engravers, video directors, creators of installations, visual artists...
  • more than 3 500 photographs, making the dictionary the most comprehensive today,
  • more than 1 200 files on movements, groups, techniques, revues, locations, collections, ┬ápatrons, forgers...

Extensive information of a very high quality on plastic, modern and contemporary art:

  • a short biography of each artist, his life, his artistic career, his main exhibitions...
  • a descriptive analysis and objective assessment of the value of the pieces seen from an influence point of view and from a general point of view; the challenge of putting into words that which the eye sees !
  • numerous links to other artists or movements to which it might be referred
  • quotes from artists, writers, poets, art critics... for a complete understanding of the pieces.

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